From the end of the eighties Decade of 20th Century, the helicopter applied in business line and naitonal defence have increased rapidly. Helicopter demands for training, search and rescue, VIP flight service, oil and gas operating have raised significantly. On the other hand, a number of Russian helicopters in religional countries are also increasingly.

The civil helicopter activities have grown up so they required the repairing and maintenance services with high quality in order to assure for safety, efficient flights and certainly fitting to the international standards.

From the practical situation above, based ties among engineering Helicopter Factories of SNG union and A42 Plant of Vietnam, by which signed a contract to establish “Bienhoa Joint-Venture Helicopter Repairirng Company”, HELITECHCO for now and for short.
Bien Hoa joint-venture helicopter repairing company was granted the investment license No. 811/GP dated March 2nd, 1994 by Planning and Investment department of Dong Nai province.


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